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Reason I'm giving DA another chance 'cause I remember the times I had with friends here. I'm hoping to still have those. Remember, I submit everything on my tumblr:

As you guys can tell, I don't do much on DA anymore. I mean, I still look around and fav a few but I do more there and submit there.

So check it ouuutt

Current Fandoms: Fullmetal Alchemist, and (possibly) TTNG (maybe some Gravity Falls and Steven Universe)
Oh wow, been like 7 months since I wrote a journal? 

eh sorry.

I'm still around DA, just not commenting as much cause I'm lazy. As you can tell from my recent favs(and recent posts on my tumblr), I've gotten into Fullmetal Alchemist again (Royai <3). I had before during my weaboo years but it came back XD.

Speaking of which, I post more on my tumblr than my DA (art and updates) just to let you know.

(now I need to pay someone to help me decorate it...)
Soooo my laptop broke last week, gave me the blue screen of death, so I'm having it fixed and won't have it until mid-October. I only have my iPhone to use but I can't really submit colored drawings or whatever. I do have the art studio app but I'm still having trouble with( just cause the screen's too small to work with, tools being off) . Probably will show sketches instead for now? 
(I gotta need to think up better titles)

So I just got back to school, my final year until I transfer to another one. Taking 4 classes(Sculpture, 3-D design, math, spanish). Though, on tuesdays and thursdays, I have a looooooong break between sculpture and spanish, like 5 HOURS. I can't go home during break since the school's not too close and since I can't hang in the painting room really anymore. 

So how are you guys?  
Hey I know I haven't really talk much here. Sorry about that but I'm hoping to talk to you guys more :)

Uhhh nothing much, my birthday past, I turned 21. I would like to thank everyone for the birthday wishes and gifts :heart:

I've been hanging more on my tumblr, 

I haven't been really happy with the feedback on my art. It's more like I barely have feedback. Some of my friends already know about this since I told them but for awhile, I really haven't gotten alot of feedback with my work, especially on tumblr. I usually
get 10-20 notes a day while other artists whom I believe I'm just as good, get alot more notes in hours. I'm just wondering HOW 
can I get more feedback on tumblr. I try to advertise my tumblr, I make sure to tag my works good enough. I just don't know.
well I do get more feedback on DA than tumblr here, I don't get alot of comments :/ I know the quality of my pics are good enough, not perfect, I know I still need some work, but like I said, I know I'm just as good. So I'm wondering, what do you guys think I should improve on? How can I get my art well-known on tumblr(or DA)? I don't care if they're critiques, that be ok. I just
don't like complaining about this :/ 


1. How did you join dA?

    Hmmm, I'm guessing it had to do with :iconbleedman:? After checking out his comics, I fell in love with his art and wanted to see
    more. Also, I was making a TerraxBeastBoy vid tribute using fanart and I made a account to ask the artists their permission to 
    use their art. Then later on, I browsed alot on DA, mostly TT fanart, fell in love with the art, and here I am. XD 

2. What does your username have to do with you?
    It started from my old account username, skittles713, which then I used it 'cause I loved skittles(felt sooooo random) and 7 is 
    the month I was born in and 13 was the age I joined. Later on, people called me skidzz for short so when i wanted to make a 
    new account, I used the name, skidzz.

3. What is your current avatar of?

    My TTOC, Thermal Light, since I didn't have an icon for so long.

4. How many watchers do you have, and how many do you watch?

Skidzz watches 172 deviants, while 309 deviants watch Skidzz(oh really)

5. Do you have more than one account?

    Yes, :iconskittles713:

6. Name three of your favorite artists on dA.

    :iconlimey404:, :iconbriannacherrygarcia:, :iconishiahstephens: and plenty more. 

7. What deviant(s) do you admire because of their personality?

    :iconwickedstellar:, :iconbbg4ya: 

8. How many deviants do you actually know in reality? Post their avatars.|

    :iconlivster493: Met her few years ago at Conneticon :heart:

    I would say these guys :iconwickedstellar:, :iconbbg4ya:, :iconcattbon:, :iconlovelymaple:, and some others. I haven't
    met them in person or talk to most of them face-to-face or on the phone but we have our facebooks and cellphone numbers.

9. Do you comment, fave, or both?

    Unfortunately, I tend to fav and run. I know I hate that too but I rather not leave one-word comments if I don't have the words
    to describe how much I love the pic. 

    Though, when it comes to my characters or whatever that involves me, I make sure to comment and fav. 

10. What do you typically post on deviantART?

    Mostly TT-related works, like regular fanart, TTOC, TTNG 

11. Do you participate in clubs or contests here on dA?

    Not recently, I should though...

12. What is your most popular deviation? As in most viewed or most favorited?

Most favorited: Back to School by Skidzz with 333 favorites

Most comments:  Uninterrupted by Skidzz with 120 comments

Most viewed: My Top 10 Pairings by Skidzz with 10,178 views(first deviation ever to hit over 10,000 views, XD ) 

13. What's your favorite submission in your gallery?

     His True Form by Skidzz

     Happy Birthday Voodoo by Skidzz

14. What are things you wish you could draw better?

    Men, expressions, hands, machinery 

15. Do you have a premium membership?

    No but I will 

16. How many hours a day do you spend on dA?

    All day, lol (not during school)  

17. Are you a fast, slow, or medium typer?


18. What is the most annoying thing people ask you?

    "Hey come check out my gallery" "check out my art!" "you can watch me!:

19. What is the most annoying/offending comment you've ever received?

    Someone who was commenting on some of my TxBB pics with gross comments :/ and those who put Terra-hate related
    comments on my pics. 

20. What/Who inspires you?

    Amazing artwork of course

21. Do you use guidelines when you draw?

    lol yeah 

22. Do you associate people on deviantART with their icons?


23. Have you ever suggested a Daily Deviation?


24. Everyone has considered leaving dA once or twice. Have you? Why?

      Not really   

25. Have you ever got a Daily Deviation?

    No, I wish 

26. Have got over 9000 Points?


27. Your Profile Design Theme is?

    Don't have one 

28. Your most fav. picture of one your characters drawn by another artist.

     TTNG_ Observing Night Sky by zerostates  TTOC_Group Ladies by Voodookandy  Birthday Thermal Light by CattBon TT_ Happy B-day Skidzz! by zerostates TTG_Thermal Light by Hiniha TTOC_That_Glow by BBG4ya Happy kind of late Birthday, Skidzz! by WickedStellar DP_We_meet_Again by BBG4ya TTNG_Shilo and Satch by WickedStellar Plenty more :heart: 

29. Who was your first friend on DA?


30. Noticed anything interesting on DA?

    I don't know 

31. Your biggest wish on DA?

   To be more social with others, to be well-known, at least in the TT\YJ fandom

32. Are you a founder of a Group?

    No but I help out a few clubs

33. Has your art ever showed up on the Front Page?

    ha ha no

34. What is the best thing which you ever got on DA?

    hmmm....uhhh hitting the 10,000 view mark? 

35. Ever had an Art Block?


36. Do you like your username?

    It's ok

37. Your most fav. character of your characters/oc's

       (I gotta redo this...) 

38. Your first picture on DA?

     My New Icon by Skidzz(welll in this account...)

39. What was your first try to get popular on DA when you were new?

    Not popular, more like just making new friends. Though I was annoying, "Wanna be friends? I can watch you and you can watch
    me" :iconlarryplz: 

40.What is your first Art Trade Picture?

    Well here  TTOC: Freddy vs Spektra by Skidzz with :iconjenjentastique: here's her part  Art Trade: Sharla. by JenJentastique

41.What is your next goal?

      To improve not only on my art but my social life too

42. Wanna tag one?
This is my first livestream soooo XD;… 
Come join! :)…
Hey guys what's up? 

I'm going to start school soon so don't expect so much updates (then again, I haven't really done anything during breaks) but here's the thing.

I think I want to submit more on tumblr than here. No I'm not leaving DA, I'll still submit pics here too but I've been thinking about submitting not just finished works but like doodles or whatever.

So if you guys want to follow me on tumblr, mine is

But here's something I'm thinking about. Not only fanart but, I will submit OC work too like TTOC and TTNG but I don't think OC work gets much feedback on tumblr as it is here...

Also, I know school's coming back soon (or already back for some people) but I think maybe it's time for our group chats again for TTOC\NG (whether on DA chat or one of our livestreams). Or heck, it doesn't have to be TT-related, we can just chat for whatever. I've haven't talk to you guys in forever so what do you think? XD
Hey, sorry I haven't done anything much. School started. I only have 4 classes and one of them is art(well, I have Art History too but I still need to read).

I have alot of pictures I've done since summer but I'm not going to submit all of them, just ones I like. For the birthdays, sorry everyone -__-. I had two done and one of them I don't like so I'll remake it and the other well, I don't know. Let's just say I don't think I can make better gifts than the last ones I did for you guys. 

My coloring has been improved a little from the tutorials and ref I used and I'm currently working on a new drawing style. It's more "disney"-ish and cartoony but I'm still working on it. I've been inspired by a few artists, especially :iconbriannacherrygarcia:, on working with a new drawing style. I don't like the way I drew before.

So what's up with you guys?

oh, by the way, I deleted my old tumblr account and made a new one. 

Like 3 weeks ago, my cousin's wife died from heart failure. It's still a shock because she was young. I made a portrait tribute of her for my cousin and their son. 

A week ago, I went to Conneticon and saw old friends there. It was nice since I only came to see my friends but I didn't really get anything. I only spent money on food. 

So it's been a 'lil bit of a roller coaster. 

Rules regarding my characters:
* When drawing my characters,  I want the concept to be rated G to PG. PG-13 I would accept if it involves gore or whatever. NOTHING ELSE OR HIGHER.
* If you would like to draw my characters with a certain concept(like certain theme with other OCs, etc.), please tell me before and I'll see if it's appropriate for my characters.
* NO NSFW WORK INVOLVING MY CHARACTERS. I don't like it, I don't like to draw it, I don't want to see my characters like that. I don't care if you draw those kind of things for your characters or fanart, JUST LEAVE MY CHARACTERS OUT OF IT.
* When I mean NO NSFW work, I really mean everything involving it even slight of it that DA would allow. I DON'T. I WILL NOT ALLOW IT.
* I want my characters to be IN CHARACTER. NO OOC. If you're not sure how would my characters would be in a story or whatever, message me.
* Whatever questions you have regarding my characters, like which I won't allow or will, PLEASE message me.
* Message me what I find things offensive that way you would know.
* If you have ideas based off from shows or series I don't like for my characters, please don't. I'm very strict regarding what shows, series, I don't like.
Uhh…hi, um…guess I'll explain why I've been gone…

So obviously, school is one of the reasons but, I guess it started when last semester ended.
I guess I… "shut down" from the internet and my social life. I've been going through some stuff that had me by myself. I didn't "disappear" from DA or whatever. I still go there every day but I haven't said or fav everything for a few months. I just browse pictures and that's it. Well, I've also been working with messages from the groups I help out so it wouldn't be too much.
It's weird, I've never been this silent ever, not even during school.
Speaking of school, This semester I took 4 art courses and a math, mon-thrus, which had me gone for literally half the day (9-9). Here's my advice, never take more than 2 art courses in one semester, unless you have no choice. It really took a toll of my health, few times I've been really sick. I had to drop one art course because of time consumption.
You know, if I was busy I would like to let you guys know but knowing me, whenever I say I won't be around DA or Tumblr because of school or whatever, I come back not a day later.
So I'm sorry for those who wondered where I've been. I would like to thank you for your concerns, my friends :thank you:
During the semester, I've been too tired to go on my laptop every other week and even when I get on my laptop, it's only for a short time. I haven't gone on for a week.
Unfortunately, taking too much art courses had me hand in projects late.
I have to take more than 2 again next semester because I can't find ANY school near me that I can take summer courses for.
The only art I've done other than my school projects are a few very…very late birthday pics, some for myself, and a lot of doodles from not paying attention in non-art classes.
I have the plans set:

:bulletblack: TTOC: I'm currently working on a BIG bio pic of Thermal Light. For Fiona and Strike…uh well…I don't think I'll be using them anymore because I really don't have plans for them. I guess they'll be recycled for now.

:bulletblack: TTNG: Before, I talked to :iconbbg4ya: and :iconwickedstellar: regarding this, I'll be making changes of mine too. Not as big as what they'll plan because I joined the TTNG series in season 2. So season 1 would probably focus more on Quake, Seyella, Lucy, and Gadget. I don't know, I'm not sure.

:bulletblack: TTNG(my own): I'm not going to work on my own TTNG team anymore. Meaning my team called "Titans X" with Falcon, Beast Girl, Geode, Gadget, Seyella, and Sally will be no more. Gadget, Seyella, and Sally have more lives in the other TTNG universe than here. Falcon…well…honestly, I got bored with him because he was a typical RobxStar OC. In the meantime, while I put Nightstar in my universe, I gotta work with Falcon. Beast Girl and Geode will still exist, 'cause they're my babies :heart: They won't be in a team for now, I don't think they'll be called by their code names either so I'm still working on what to do.

:bulletblack: Danny Phantom OC: Yeah, I'm still working on that too. I may make some changes on Kyoko, maybe. I have a few more DPOCs but I never posted them here or tumblr. Plus, I may work with my DannyxSam OCs again with more characters.

:bulletblack: I will be helping out with a friend of mine from school, :icontheharajukudj: on her original comic series, "Static Heavens". I'll be coloring the comic covers for her.

Regarding my characters and what I can draw\won't draw, you guys remember that journal of rules I posted of what you guys are NOT supposed to do regarding my characters, myself, and/or anything relating to me? I made more rules and that list will be updated very soon. I will make other rules regarding on what I can draw\won't draw when I start on commissions.

I think it's all for now.

*Cricket cricket cricket...*

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 21, 2012, 9:39 PM

....well, this has been the longest time I've been silent on DA.

..welll really, I've been on DA regularly but all I did here was mostly looking at pics and fav a few.

The silent part, though, is to the fact that I haven't posted anything in 2 months or made a journal in 3, not sure how long it's been since I last commented on something.

Basically, it's this.

School shit

I know, surprise surprise? I go through the same shit every year in which gets in the way with my stuff and yet, I waste my time bullcrappin photoshop and\or scribble useless doodles instead of studying while going though the webz 'till late night.

...This year, I've only done MOST of it.

I doodle in my notebook instead of paying attention in class with my super fun multi-colored pen and also do shading techniques with it, I attempt to make a social life by going to the college main cafe and hang with friends during breaks(even when I have hmwk due next class or a test or whatever, and I mostly manage to finish a little), temporary not giving a crap when it comes to my future so I can relax and not think about reality while spending time on my laptop and discussing general genres and fandoms with the people I hang.

Then when I get home, I'm too tired to pick up the tablet pen and tablet itself and do shit and I waste away most of my time on the internetz until I fall asleep then I start the same shitty routine the next morning until my weekend day offs come.

....this....semester wasn't entirely good...I realllly done it this time...

Here's a lil advice for you all. Don't quit something you're good at or else, it will haunt you. Also, don't ever pick a major that makes easy money but unsuitable for your character and you would have to spend the rest of the years despising your job every day. For my situation, I only switched from Visual Arts to Accounting so I would have a back up career incase my main careers in the art department wouldn't happen....BAD MISTAKE.

Long story short, I'm going back to Visual Arts. Accounting is JUST not for me. I also have to take extra courses either in the summer or fall 2013(I like my current school and all but I want to get my bachelor degree soon. I know I know, one year wouldn't ruin my plans after college but I rather start preparing for said goals soon.)

However, I'm going to have to work for another back-up an art teacher...I'm not saying it's bad but honestly I kinda pictured myself to be a college art professor when I'm in my 50s or somethin(I don't think that would work out anyway though...). I rather work in Elementary schools or kindergarden, but honestly, I wouldn't be able to teach art in detail to children(you know, stuff they teach you in art classes from high school or college), unless, I could do private teachings instead.

So, I'm not sure if I'll end up as an art teacher first. I would also like to work as a concept artist or illustrator for childrens' books. I'm...kinda nervous for this teaching career. I'm a horrible teacher. I'm not good at explaining things and if I teach, I'll be one of those teachers that kids don't want 'cause they can't really learn anything and end up failing or something. Not sure if you can really fail art though(unless you don't do work or show up to class at all.)

Now back to my "hiatus", school is half the reason why I've been silent. Not sure how to explain it, I believe I mentioned either in an earlier journal or just to a few friends. It's been unpleasant still, like six months. It's not REALLY a big of a deal, hell, once I say it here, you guys would think I was over exaggerating. , But, I rather tell a few people in private first before I say it here on DA, since it's the main thing with my shit.

Oh right...the art thing.

....did I mention I spent this semester doodling?....and the only actual artwork I've done since my last submission were those b-day gifts I posted?...well, I'm working on more b-day pics I owe that are late, those that I'm going to finish before 2013. Reason is that I also have some holiday-themed pics to make as I do every year. I don't believe that it will be that much.

Let's see,...there's TT...TTOC...NG...or TTOC/NG together(like parents and the NG as little children, maybe babies even), I could try to put in a DPOC holiday pic but I don't have alot of DPOC(mostly Kyoko) stuff in my gallery and I was suppose to put in stuff like Kyoko's timeline( since our DPOC universe is going to set in the DP gang's college years. Well, Kyoko would still be in high school though since she's 2 years younger) or her interacting with the DP gang and other OCs, also stuff about Kyoko herself like family, how she got her powers, what was it like for Danny to train her with her powers from the start, etc.


.....there's more to say...I don't know. I guess in a new journal?

Good Day

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Some Shit

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 21, 2012, 5:02 AM

First off, Can you guys plleeeeeaaaaaaasssseeee check out Thermal Light's Revamped Bio to see what you guys think? Like, I'm really glad that I got this version down but I want to see what you guys think. TTOC: Thermal Light Bio by Skidzz

Much appreciated :)

Also, some shit went on.

First off, first weeks of school was...not wise... Like, I have horrible sleeping problems so I end up sleeping in class(although you can't blame me, I mean, I have to go through classes like Economics and Principles of Management -___-). I mean, my teachers are cool but the subjeeeecccttttsssss killlll me XP.

Also, I use to meet my friends in the college cafe but now, I don't think I want to anymore. I don't know, I've gotten annoyed with it. First off, some of my close friends, I don't get to see much anymore because of my schedule, and second, it's mostly all boys there and most of them always plays different card games and shit. Only like, 3 girls I see and one's close, the other one I don't get to see much, and the other one always stays for a few minutes(which is bad 'cause I want to get to know her more).  Plus, some of the boys are so....ugh, annoying.

Man, the cafe used to be fun...

Now I think I'll just hang at the library.

Plus, I can never bring my laptop 'cause my breaks are a 'lil bit shorter now.

I mean, school wise I've gotten  really depressed and not just because of school.

2nd thing is lately I've been seeing my art as crappy as fuck. I mean, not the coloring jobs but my anatomy is so atrocious. I'm going to get a book on it and hopefully next year, I'll take a figure-drawing class.

and 3rd, my aunt's cat died few days ago. He was 12 years old(pretty old for a cat). I don't know but the news really hit me like
so much that I cried for the cat. The reason it's strange for me 'cause I'm actually afraid of cats(not as much as dogs though). Everytime I visit my aunt, she hides the cat for me. But I guess I cried 'cause one, he was innocence, two, he's been around my aunt for so long and now my aunt is alone(her son's there but he's always busy), three, he died from injection. They put him to sleep 'cause they thought he was suffering but honestly, he was dying because he was old, like freakin old. I don't know, I'm not fond of vets putting animals to sleep instead of having them die by their selfs....I don't know...that's just me.

When I first heard it from facebook, I ran to my mom to call my aunt and I heard my aunt cry alot and I've never heard her cry all my life. I felt really sorry for her..

She and my cousin threw all his stuff out so they wouldn't remember him and feel more pain. I wish they didn't do that...I mean, I would've kept them for memory sake...

I'm not sure if they're getting another cat.

I was(still am) sad also because I never gave the cat a chance. Since he got here, I've been always afraid that he would attack me and really, he was a really good cat, never caused trouble and I never gave him a chance...and now he's gone....

ok ok, I don't want to go that road again.

So all and all, things have been pretty shitty but there's one good thing I guess.

I finally got an iPhone. It's the 4th one 'cause it's more cheaper due to our deal with Verizon. I'm going to give my iTouch to my mom.

Well...I guess that's it.

Oh wait! I finally opened a Paypal account too so get ready for some commissions(I really need the money...)

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The Truth about myself

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 9, 2012, 5:00 PM

Edit: Sorry guys, I forgot to note a few things,

* PROBABLY ONE of the reasons I'm like this 'cause I'm raised in a muslim household(idk, maybe)

* Also, I also wanna say that, if you guys happen to like the kind of stuff I don't, then that's ok. You can like\draw whatever the hell you want. If I ever see something like that though, I'll just ignore it, just like you guys have the right to turn away from some of the things I draw but you wouldn't agree. Just, don't involve my works is all .  XD

Alright, I'll go out with it. I don't care if I make a fool of myself. I don't care you guys will find me weird, that's how I feel.

The theme for this is, Mature Art

Now you guys seen a few of them in my gallery but here's the thing about me.

I...can be pretty sensitive, picky, and have LOADS of boundaries and Guidelines concerning it.

I'm not kidding, a few of my friends know this about me. I'm like a freakin nun.

You see, when it comes to mature works(excluding violence and language), my views depicting them are romantic, natural, classic, and innocents.

Like seriously, first off, I'm NOT into porn/hentai. I can never do them.

The reason I'm picky about this because also, when it comes to my characters, I can be pretty sensitive and picky on what kind of sexual situations they're in(even in almost-sexual moments). Like what kind of sexual activity, poses, other activities, dialogue, settings, plot-flooding, etc., you name it.

Basically my views are...Hallmark/Lifetime-ish mixed together(mostly Hallmark)

There are certain mature works that I fav 'cause how it's depicted(obviously).

Ok, before, I would brag how I would get "another gallery" that's like "explicted"(like just naked women or I "show" more in mature pics, or tentacle works) 'cause I wanted to feel special how I have "2 sides"....yeah not gonna happen. First off, I don't know WHAT the hell was I thinking about doing tentacle works(I've never done any anyway). Probably 'cause they're the only type of hentai art that I wouldn't mind doing for a commission. But now, I'm not gonna do it at all. Also, no matter how much I try, I can't "show" more during an intimate moment. Like, a couple in bed with a blanket BARELY covering them.  I seriously can't do it and I can accept that about myself.

I don't HAVE to "show" that much just to make a point, and not just the blanket\covers thing but even show "marks" and other stuff during an intimate moment(I'm not gonna bother listening them, we ALL know what I'm talking about :P )

Not just art, but literature too. You don't know HOW many times I've read lemons that were ridiculous >___<*

So what I'm saying here is, this kind of subject means alot to me. I mean, I would like to see\make a story of love shared between two people spiritually-wise. Hell, I wouldn't care if there's sex in stories or not but I prefer to have it depicted naturally, classic ACTUAL ROMANCE, and like a work of art(DON'T bother suggesting me "Fifty Shades of Grey", noooooo thanks) with a tint of innocence.

Even though I can't write romance for crap, I'm practicing on showing my views of romance. Romance\Puppy Love between children, teens, adults though art, especially my characters.

Oh yeah, there's nudity\posing in this too.

When it comes to nudity, I would want it to be depicted as ARTISTIC nudity(Impossible Big Boobs, Titis, and Butt? nooooooo thanks) and pin-ups? I'm more of a 50s kind of girl(like Marylyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, etc.)

So anyway, in conclusion, I tend to make perverted jokes and all but ONLY to an extent and when it comes to my characters, try not make it sound too dirty? : P

I know I shouldn't go far with my characters since they're fictional BUT they are my works and I prefer not my works to be ruin by things like this(that's my top 1 things I rather not have my characters to go through, second is being OOCed...well that's kinda the same thing but you guys get the drift). I mean, you guys wouldn't want your works to be depicted that you wouldn't like at all, right?

So yes, I'm just your regular, classy Gal : P

Now if this journal changes your views of me, ok then, I don't care. Unless you're into violence\gore, language, and artistic nudity, you're not gonna see any mature works from me alot : P

But that's me and I'm pretty happy about it. :nod:

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In 11 hours will be the start of my first day as a sophomore college student.'s been more than a year since I graduated and got out of the shit-hole of a high school.

I freakin didn't do anything the whole freakin 3 months. I didn't go to Six Flags like I wanted to, I still can't find a job, Late June-Mid July was a big hell-hole for me, my art's shit, I still haven't been able to catch up with my shows 'cause I'm a lazy tard, and my social skills is plummeting down XP Forever alone ~

I mean, I least I went to Connecticon and saw :iconlivster493: and met her friend and also spending alot of time with my cousin, :iconlaffytaffy5:. But no achievement's been made..

I wish I could improve on my art more and quit worrying over even the littlest of mistakes that probably most of you guys can't see.

I see my artist idols on DA or my comics and thinking their art's so amazing and mines' are shit, a whole pile of shit. Like, even their oldest stuff is better than most of my shit. I'm fucking jealous.

Sorry for the rant but, I'm just kinda bummed how I'll have no art classes for a whole year and it's going to be nothing but numbers, graphs, etc. Just thinking about it makes me cring already.

My parents and others say choosing to work on an accepting major(and minoring in art next year) is a good idea considering today's economy and how finding a job with an art major is a fat chance but fuck, it's not me...

Idk, I'm just off right now..

I was suppose to put a pic tonight but I never got the chance to start the coloring(I am now and I'm gonna have to sleep soon) since the drugs I'm taking(for my appetite problem) ALWAYS knocks me out. I sleep 1-2 hours every 2-4 hours. It's fucking nuts and I never get the chance to finish anything. Phft, like it matters, comes out shit anyway...

Well, I guess I'll just end my BAAAAWWWWLLLl journal here.

- Later