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August 30, 2012
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Back to School by Skidzz Back to School by Skidzz
As you can tell, took forever with this.

This is a re-make of my old piece. :thumb175785947:

It was for a contest that was held in :icontitangirls: 2 years ago. At first, I was upset that I didn't win anything 'cause I worked hard on it but then I took a look at it later on, and I realized, "Wow...what a piece of crap".

So I redid. Yes, I didn't use all the characters but that's because I may work on another piece that centers in the comics-only Titans girls(and who knows, I may do the guys as well).

This is based on MY Teen Titans High School AU. They're all juniors btw.

(left to right)
Kori Anders: Her parents are Myan and Luan Anders and has one older sister, Koma Anders, and one younger brother, Ryan Anders. Kori's family immigrated from their home country, tamaran, to the U.S. when Kori was going into first grade. She still maintains her Tamaran accent but english's improving. Myan and Luan are usually busy with their work so they have their caregiver, Galfore, to take care of their children. Koma is the "Bad girl" type and had dropped out of school last year and made trouble since. She's usually never home. Ryan is currently in 8th grade and will attend Jump City High along with his sister, Kori. Kori's usually the type to be friends with everyone but her close friends are Rachel, Tara, Donna, Victor, Gar, Karen, and her boyfriend, Richard(A.k.a. Dick). Kori and Richard gave each other nicknames, "Starfire" and "Robin" as a little thing between them.

Rachel Roth: Rachel lives with her single mother, Angela Roth. Rachel was the result of her mother's barely-relationship with her father, Trigon(in which he left after Rachel's birth) years ago and still today, they both can't manage a good motherdaughter relationship because Rachel reminds Angela of her father. So Rachel is usually taken care of by an elderly woman next door name Azar. Rachel had been riduculed as looking too "goth" and "emo" throughout her school years but still maintians friends. She's close with Kori, Jinx, Toni, Richard, Victor, and Garth(to whom she has a liking towards him).

Tara Markov: Tara lives with her single-father, Viktor Markov, who immigranted from the country, Markovia. She has two older brothers named Brion and Gregor who both had moved out for college as they're studying to become successful business men like their father. Tara has an onoff relationship with her father due to her father's overprotectivness and as Tara like to put, "nagness". Tara's considered a "down to earth" kind of girl. She's close friends with Kori, Jinx, Victor, and Gar. Gar and her had been friends since elementry school and uknown to the both of them, has a liking towards one another(Victor teases them endlessly)

Jenny Patel: Jenny's an only child. She nicknames herself "Jinx" when her classmates deemed her as a "witch" years ago and oddly enough, she doesn't mind. People tend to be surprised that she's actually Indian(due to her pale skin tone) and Jinx had recently put in pink eye contacts(for the hell of it). Her close friends are Rachel, Victor, Karen, Toni, and Wally. Her friends think of Jinx and Wally as a class couple.

Karen Beecher: Karen's the "tough as nails" girl in the group. She's also an only child and stubborn as rocks. She has an "on/off" relationship with Victor. She's close with Kori, Tara, Rachel, Jinx, Nicole, and Toni.

Jade Nguyen: Jade is the daughter of a vietnamese mother and a french father. She's considered as "beauty but evil" from her fellow classmates. Her only friend is Kitten. Jade also maintains a hidden "on/off" relationship with Roy.

Katherine Moth: "Kitten" is her nickname due to her fiesty(and not to mention "Daddy's little girl") personality. Kitten is rotten spoiled and gets anything she wants from her dad. Except for Richard to whom she had previously stalked last year and still determines to steal him from her rvial, Kori. Kitten's only friend is Jade.

Toni Monetti: Toni's born into an italian family but had been raised in the United Kingdoms throughout her life until her middle school years where she and her family moved to the US. Toni has her style and is not afraid to show it. Her close friends are Rachel, Jinx, Nicole, Tara, and Isaiah.

Nicole Weathers: Daughter of scientists, Nicole is the spunky, child-like girl she's known to be. She's not afraid to speak out her mind and is close friends with Toni, Jinx, Joseph, and Gnnark.


Hope you guys like

BG :…
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