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Halloween pics in the works...
Besties by Skidzz

Wonder Girl: You know what we should do?

Aquagirl: Sing cheesy 2000s pop songs?


Happy Late Birthday Voodoo by Skidzz
Happy Late Birthday Voodoo

This “would be”? Voodoo’s gift but to tell you the truth, I made it like…last year.

yeeaah Voodoo, i’ll try to make a new one. For now, Happy Birthday!

Genesis (c) :iconvoodookandy:

YJ Season 3 Character Sheet by Skidzz
YJ Season 3 Character Sheet


(eh I change my mind, I'll leave the BG like this) 

Yeah I redid most of the characters(Star and Raven are still the same). I didn’t like how either of them came out before.

A character sheet of who I would see in my version of YJ season 3, with some notes for each of them.

(Note: their characters would most likely be exactly from their comic counterparts though some parts have or may be changed)


* Her intro will be similar with the comics\the TT episode “go”

* Some of the boys would have a crush on her

* Nightwing\Starfire of course

* Silkie will be included


* She would be introduced in the beginning of season 3 as Aqualad’s “apperentice”

* Aqualad would be her mentor on the team. Not to mention that my Headcanon would be that Aquagirl would have a crush 

  on him and one of her reasons to succeed as Aquagirl(at first) is to impress him.

* Total besties with Wonder Girl 

* Not too fond with Bombshell but not as much as Wonder Girl

Kid Devil

* He, along with Bombshell, would be already on the team between the end of season 2-beginning season 3.

* (How he got on the team, I’m still working on)

* Easy to make friends with

* Planning some Kid Devil/Ravager moments along with some Kid Devil/Miss Martian moments(friendship wise)


* She, along with Kid Devil, would be already on the team between the end of season 2-beginning season 3

* (How she got on the team, working on that too)

* Does not get along with Wonder Girl(and at times, Aquagirl), nicknames her “barbie”

* Doesn’t get along with Rose either(though my headcanon would be that they would eventually be the people not

  expecting to see them as “friends”)

Power Boy

* He would be introduce like the very beginning of season 3, like he meets the team during a mission of theirs, saves them

  in the last minute or whatever.

* One of those “bro” kind of guys(you know, the kind of guys that always end with a sentence with “bro”)

* I’m having him be a flirt to the girls(like during the beginning-mid of season 3) but not like, a perv(too much of it at least)

  not too jerky. 

* I’m having him to be a bit of a show-off in the beginning but lessens down after some time.

* Other than that, Power Boy is really a good guy, wants to be there for his friends.

* I imagine him to be the “Kronk” of the team.

* Considers almost anybody he likes as his bro.

* Though sees Superboy as his “number 1 bro”(or as he at times call him, “Superbro”). Always wanting to hang out with him, thinks

  that they’re like, bffs or whatever, while Superboy thinks the opposite(though appearently, Power Boy can’t take a hint)

* Great with kids


* I’m having her to be introduce in the beginning of mid-season 3.

* She’s the same age and height as Beast Boy(though to Beast Boy, she acts more mature for her age)

* Her character would be a mix of her comic counterpart and her TT series. 

* I will have her still be a little annoyed with Beast Boy though not as “harsh” as her TT series counterpart.


* She’ll be introduce in mid of beginning season 3.

* Though how she got on the team I’m still working on.

* Considering her “secret” about her father, I’m thinking of having the senior members know only and have the rest of the team

  find out later on.

* Does not get along with Bombshell and Wondergirl

* Out of all the team members, she’s more open with Kid Devil. 

So do you guys think I should leave the background as it is, make the BG white, or no BG at all?

Characters (c) DC Comics 
(I used the YJ character sheets for references)

Soooo my laptop broke last week, gave me the blue screen of death, so I'm having it fixed and won't have it until mid-October. I only have my iPhone to use but I can't really submit colored drawings or whatever. I do have the art studio app but I'm still having trouble with( just cause the screen's too small to work with, tools being off) . Probably will show sketches instead for now? 


Skidzz in the hoouuussseee
United States

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